Web Designer vs Graphic Designer

Doesn’t know where and how to start – to becoming a web designer? If I say it isn’t as hard as it sounds, would you still pursue to becoming one? Everything requires time and effort, but you should know when to start. On the next few paragraphs, let’s discuss the basic considerations that will answer your question; “How to become a web designer?”.

Web Design

Oftentimes, a web designer is confused as a graphic designer. What they do not know is that, web design entails a definite knowledge of the field and requires technical skills. This person must be knowledgeable of the basic web design software which is Adobe – be it the Illustrator or the Photoshop, or other Adobe products which can be used. Read the tutorials embedded on the products as these instructions are self-explanatory, these are not as difficult as they seem, however, just takes time to fully master their usage. Aside from these, you must also have basic knowledge on the languages used in programming to have a responsive web design. Familiarity of the different languages is commendable – as not all takes effort on learning this side. And to make things lighter, there are a lot of training materials on the internet which you can make use of, and these are just free.

If you are aware, being in that field means constant learning and development. Web page design is not a boring job as compared to the other office jobs –it is not a routine because there is always something new to experience. You must keep in mind that change is the only thing that is constant, cliché as it may be, you need to proactively welcome such. While being artistic is innate, it can be acquired through learning and practicing, too. Make use of the internet, look for any possible web design inspiration and train yourself with. To start establishing your name and gaining clients, it is a best practice to build your own website that your prospects might refer to. As a starter, you may use a free web design software there is. This is a way of showing your presence online but eventually, you will have to build your own web design portfolio. Just a piece of advice, always review and test your work prior to launching it. Keep on improving your own website (most especially web page design) as if it were one of the paid web design jobs that you need to accomplish.

By then that you already have your own website, you already know how to utilize the different tools and you are confident already with your knowledge and skills –it is about time to start looking for clients and start working. Furthermore, assess yourself whether you want to continuously learn and work in a web design company or as a freelance web designer. Whichever you may choose, you must showcase your best efforts knowing that you are part of a constantly changing industry. You should know yourself most especially your ability and capacity– self-awareness will take you to places; it is far more important to know your worth before you market. While it is difficult to earn your first web design salary, it is imperative that you gain experience and mostly clients before you can sell yourself at a higher price. Always have a positive outlook and enjoy the journey to success!