Web Design and Development

  • Basic Website $ 899

    Creating your website from template based designs and making sure it is optimized for both mobile and computer avenues.

  • Custom Website $ 1,599


  • e-Commerce Website $ 7,999

    We will setup a powerful API for integrating print on demand (for authors or publishers) dropshipping into your website or mobile app.

  • Add-on Listing $ 749

    Additional listing on your e-Commerce website.

Digital Marketing

  • Facebook Promotion $ 850

    Online marketing on a platform with over 2.4 billion users all over the world with effective and efficient content and unique layouts.

  • Instagram Promotion $ 850

    Online marketing on a platform with over a billion users all over the world, with competitive design layouts fit for Instagram, with effective slogans and captions encapsulated per post.

  • Youtube Promotion $ 699

    With over two billion users worldwide and over thirty million visitors per day, one’s website and online presence is further boosted by promoting the same on Youtube using well-crafted video content that is most likely to go viral with organic views and subscribers. No tricks; just safe and organic outputs for brand awareness.

  • Online Press Release $ 200

    Communicating the client’s products to actual and potential stakeholders over the internet as a way of boosting online presence.

Media Production (Book to Screen Services)

  • Author's Documentary Get a Quote

    Introducing and branding an author in a documentary, video or written, for publicity and to present to audiences a perspective persuasive enough to entice them to purchase the client’s products.

  • Book Trailer Get a Quote

    Before a reader buys a book, they tend to know about the synopsis of the literature. They want to get a bit of the story-line that hooks their interests and tickles their minds that leads them to get a copy. Thus, an innovative way has been made in illustrating the story of the book that will boost readers’ curiosity. Aside from being book savvy, readers are also inclined toward being audio-visual.

  • Author Video Interview Get a Quote

    A video presentation of a live footage taken to introduce and brand the author and give the author an opportunity to present his masterpiece himself. This includes distributing the video interview in any and all media and online platforms available, upon choice of the client.

  • Webisode - Literary Adaptation Get a Quote

    Lights, camera, action! No questions asked. Let’s turn every chapter of your book into a web-series with real actors and actresses.

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