How to Manage your Social Media Accounts

How to manage social media, most especially for business? Social media management may be appalling and time consuming. You must have the time to respond to inquiries, provide feedback and the like.

Social Media

However, there are various ways to make this bearable within your busy day:

1. Plan your posts

The usage of social media management tools like Hootsuite or Sprout is a must to schedule your contents ahead. There are other free social media management tools you can use, just be resourceful enough to look for one on the internet. But still, having these tools does not mean you are free from responsibility, you should allot time in checking for any comments needing feedback or responses throughout the day.

2. Schedule your posts

During this time, you must have topics in mind on what you want to post every week (or on a regular basis). Work with colleagues to source ideas and contents. Lest you forget to account the time for writing, and sourcing good images when applicable.

3. Use the rule of thirds

Oftentimes people get blacked out of ideas, this is when the rule of thirds applies. Remember who your audience is, remember there should be relevance to the organization.

4. Follow the golden rule

As discussed on item 3, there must be relevance in your content to resonate with your audience. You must be able to capture their attention.

5. Test, learn and improve

As you are aware that the world is rapidly changing, so do the wants and needs of your audience. Thus, you must keep track on how they engage with your content and adjust or change it accordingly.

Having said all of those above, you can choose to single-handedly manage your social media and become a social media manager. That is what we call as free social media management.  Otherwise, you can hire social media management services from a social media management company. If you decide to outsource the services, you should consider the social media management price that comes with it, choose one that has a good reputation so you can be sure to get your money’s worth. Through this, depending on the gravity of services needed and offered, there will be one or two people working for you doing the social media manager jobs – these people are equipped with best social media management tools together with a social media management software to provide and deliver best results.