Legal Aspects

VHawk Solutions is your channel to reaching your prospect book buyers and readers online. We carefully design the right publishing and marketing campaign that will represent your voice as an author and your book’s identity. To deliver your masterpiece to the world, you need to provide us the necessary book information such as its ISBN number, publisher and publishing date. We also need your details like your full name and/or pen name, address and contact information. The publishing and marketing campaign will start and end based on the package that you have chosen.

You retain all the rights to your book and we are just here to design and maintain your online bookstore / website and marketing of your book. Read more about our non-exclusive, open-ended Author Service Agreement, and find out why VHawk Solutions is best for you, as there are tons of publishing and marketing firms and or platforms within reach. A true and realistic approach does not stop by just knowing and/or hiring an expert to do it, as it will need more than that. It will need further commitment to achieve those realistic goals pertaining to specific needs of an individual’s book capacity and continuity.

Whether you are new or a pro in the book industry, you will always need online publishing and marketing strategies to boost your book’s market visibility and sales as an end result. This is due to a positive outlook on things necessary for such success. Our online publishing and marketing platforms are ensured to be solid, timely, and consistent for a smart and efficient marketing approach. We also see to it that even though your readers can access your entire book’s resources on your website, your privacy is completely secured.

VHawk Solutions continuously aims to offer the right and top marketing approach to ensure a strong online presence or visibility. We see to it that we strengthen your online brand as an author while working on your book’s identity–when all is achieved, we thereby, in retrospect, gain more and more credibility among all other book publicity firms.

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