The Importance of Digital Marketing

If you have noticed, people have shifted from the usage of analogue to digital. We have come to the digital era. Say, today’s generation are more into reading eBooks than the traditional books, shopping online rather than visiting the physical shops, and more importantly, paying through the device rather than going into long lines.  The consumption of digital content on a daily basis is significantly increasing – companies which have not yet transitioned from the traditional method must learn to adapt.

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? And why is it important? Together, let us learn the fundamentals of digital marketing for dummies. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through the utilization of electronic channels. To make it easier to digest, marketing in a digital way. This method of marketing enables an organization to evaluate different marketing campaigns and recognize what is working from what isn’t, in real time. While this method is being adapted by most establishments, they hire a digital marketing company to track the results for them. This digital marketing agency then assigns any digital marketing jobs to a single person –the “digital marketer”. This person is tasked to monitor things based on their salability, what is viewed to how often and how long, what work and what doesn’t, etc. Results are then reported to the digital marketing manager, as there is a hierarchy to follow when you are in a team or company. As results are tracked real time, when not favorable – the manager must think of different digital marketing strategies to enhance the means from goal setting to knowing your customers, and driving more traffic to increasing sales to the business. All these come with a price; the business pays the digital marketing manager salary, which is significantly higher.  Accounting the expenses to be incurred, paying digital marketing salary is however quite affordable than the cost to be incurred when doing the extensive traditional research.

Sure, the internet is the mostly used channel linked with digital marketing, others include: mobile apps, electronic billboards, wireless text messaging, instant messaging, radio channels and many more. Lest we forget, for Small-Medium business (SMb’s) –it may opt to work on freelance digital marketing.   Digital marketing is said to be the future of marketing. Digital marketing’s phase will seemingly do, what advent of emails did to the snail mails.

To be successful in transition from traditional to digital era, here are a few suggestions:

a. You must know how to maintain and establish customer relationships – both from digital and traditional methods.

b. You must know how to initiate customer interactions and respond accordingly.

c. You must have the knowledge to interpret data to arrive at a better decision-making.

Hence, companies must now act upon the changes to avoid being left behind. Businesses that fail to adapt to this marketing phenomenon are in danger of getting defunct.