Five Ways to Use Social Media Proof to Boost Your Results

They say that psychological tactics have a way of manipulating or, to be politically correct, inclining results to better serve the interests of its masters. A social media proof is one of those tactics — this is when people conform to the actions of others on the assumption that those actions reflect the correct behaviour. These days, social proofs are being utilized by marketers in boosting their websites’ conversion rates, basically by moulding the kind of thinking that their customers have. With these, they are able to ease all the customers’ worries away, convince them to think of one thing over the other, and eventually strengthen their belief or disbelief regarding a certain matter.

That being said, here are five ways you can use for social proof to boost your results:


The most common form of social proof, customer testimonials have been widely used in the market since time immemorial and their effectiveness is beyond question. Statistics over the years have consistently shown that more than majority of the customers prefer to listen to what others say, even those they do not personally know, and actually believe them, over their own families.


Of course, celebrities are at the forefront of advertisements. A huge number of fans and even non-fans patronize what celebrities use and say, due in part to how they see these celebrities. Whether they be natural endorsements or paid advertisements, these things ring the same tune — sales.


The impact that media has on people still remains to be relevant. A little mention on TV shows, or even a short feature on magazines already taps in a wide range of customers into the brand’s fold. Movies, for example, have several subtle product placements made and viewers notice the brands even more than some of the plots themselves. That is how effective media is, and looking at the trends lately, there is no stopping it from establishing more returns for these brands.


Being highly-regarded in an industry of tough competition puts the brand at the highest pedestal, at least in the eyes of its customers. Being backed up by experts, certified by centres that define what the product is supposed to be, are effective means of adding more spark to the brand. These certifications strengthen the trust that customers have, thereby pushing more results for well-certified brands.


Now that social media is becoming a steady part of the lives of numerous customers all over the globe, testimonials posted on these platforms also provide for raging returns on the sales of the brands. The more following and positive feedback a brand gets on social media, the more likely it is for these brands to acquire and cover more sales overnight. The strength of social media alone is proof that comments, no matter how short and seemingly insignificant they may be, speak volumes in brand performance.

People may not always notice it, but they rely on social proof just as much as companies and brands do. What people think of a certain thing sometimes, if not often, affects what others think of that same thing. This is why creating an image worthy of customer admiration and promoting the same effectively in the various known platforms available in the market, are important factors in determining just how far a brand’s sales could go.

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