Digital Marketing for Start-Ups and Small Businesses

For the past years, it is undeniable that the consumers’ behaviours have changed; with this, companies have to change their marketing strategies to adapt. This is where the digital marketer comes in place –he benefits from these changes. Why digital marketing? What is digital marketing, by the way?

Digital Marketing

First, let us tackle what is digital marketing – it is also known as data-driven marketing. It is marketing of products or services using digital technologies; mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. In other words, this type of marketing is made easier through the digital way. However, to get the most of this method, we need to know which metrics to use and track –this is where a digital marketing agency can be used. A digital marketing agency is a brand-development and lead-generating engine which is mainly focused on results marketing (measurable marketing and return of investment).

Now that you know what digital marketing is, we may now need to understand how it works for every individual starting his career in the digital world.

Change as we always say, is the only thing that’s constant. Customers are the ultimate game changers, they run the business. Without customers and digital marketing strategies in sync with the changes, nothing can survive. In relation to this, people also these days prefer home-based jobs wherein they can be their own boss and they manage their own time. If one is adept with technology and its workarounds, then one can do freelance digital marketing. Some companies prefer getting the service from a digital marketing company; where affiliation and reputation is clear. If the organization needing the digital service is a big one, then the digital marketing manager reports to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), though the title differs from place to place, functions remain the same. However if you are curious how much is the digital marketing manager salary, I cannot give you figures nor estimates as it varies on the years of experience and his expertise. On another hand, to some who are still starting their business, then they can opt to get a freelance digital marketer to run their marketing campaigns online.

As this industry also includes marketing, technical, creative and problem-solving skills, there are different digital marketing jobs available:

a. SEO analyst

b. Web Writer or Content Writer

c. Social Media Marketer

d. SEM analyst

How much is the digital marketing salary? As there are different jobs and positions available, salary depend on ones years of experience and which field he focuses on. But needless to say that digital marketer’s salaries are definitely higher than other fields.

To sum up things, if you are a business starter and considering hiring a freelance digital marketer, you have to consider the salary and when you look for a partner, check reference and secure the strategies he can recommend to boost your profit. However, if you are still thinking of a career, you have to know which field you would like to focus on and what your target market is.