Best Social Media Management Tools

Ever wonder how do these show business personalities handle different social media accounts? What about these huge corporations, or the other players in the industry? I believe it also crossed your mind that there is one person who does the work for them – we may call that person a “social media manager”. Of course, some of these people, say, the politicians – they have press relations officers or social media managers who respond to people’s tweets on Twitter, comments on Facebook, etc. Some though, choose to handle their personal accounts compared to the rest. One would tend to ask, what are the different social media management services do they offer, does that mean there are different social media manager jobs available? And the biggest question of all is, how to manage social media?

Social Media Management Tools

Today, let us try to answer those one by one. Frankly speaking, social media is both interesting but tiring at the same time. How much more if you are handling or managing different accounts for your clients. Sure, there is a corresponding social media management price you are paid for, but it doesn’t change the fact that social media management is somehow exhausting. However, if you have just started in this career, you may try providing free social media management service to any of your close friends who have businesses –just to gain experience and to learn the workarounds. As a starter, you may invest just your time and your device and look for any free social media management tools available on the internet you can use of, especially when there are a lot of accounts to monitor.

Do you now have an idea on what is social media management and what does a social media manager do aside from responding to tweets or comments? Social media management is the process of monitoring and engaging in social discussions across platforms. In addition, for an organization to successfully engage in social media across different medium, there is what we can as social media management software that facilitates the link. This is used to monitor inbound or outbound discussions, and most of all, evaluates the efficiency of social media presence. Meanwhile, the individual who does the process is the social media manager –aside from that, this person guides the presence of a product or individual or a corporation. This person may be part of a social media management company or may be a freelancer. While it is better to get a social media manager to do the tasks for you from a company, the social media management pricing may be significantly higher than that of a freelancer. Nonetheless, all these have one common goal; which is to properly manage a client’s accounts through the usage of social media management tools to effectively deliver the services.

Allow me to name a few of the best social media management tools available for use:

1. Agora Pulse

Through this, you can run promotions for your brands and market it as well. This also allows you to schedule contents for your different accounts such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

2. Social Oomph

This has available premium (comes with a price) options that allow its users to schedule photos using Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Through this tool, it allows you to create welcome messages on your Twitter account where viewers see when they visit your profile.


This tool is a URL shortener most especially when using Twitter with limited characters only. Through this, you can also track the number of clicks the site has gained and understand how this has converted traffic to your site.

4. Edgerank Checker

This supports you comprehend the best ways to improve your Facebook contents. Through this, you can generate custom contents which increases traffic engagement and improves Newsfeed responses.

There are a lot of tools you can choose from, these are only a few suggestions I have provided. Mastery and familiarity with the usage of the tools will make things easier and less time-consuming compared to managing each account one by one.